Wednesday, September 5, 2007

sooooo hottt

smile well ..well..hye to all ... dah lama tak hupdate my blog nie since lps sambutan merdeka this pictures was so dammm hottt!!!!! ..actually hubby bought me this lingeries ...hubby dah bising2 ckp my bj tido dah outdated so he ask me to find the nice one ..mrgreen so i order this one from one of the peniaga berdaftar thru online Portal PCM (sukahatila a.k.a. kak Akma) .surprised

wink As a suprise .. i asked hubby to bank-in the money .. tp senyap2 tak bgtau what exactly the things is redface so the suprise begins petang tadi bile this hot lingeries sampai kt my opis ... to sayang ... TQ soooo much ... i really like this ones ... and i know you awso love me wearing this.. am i rite???? mrgreen


YusVogue said...

pppeeeeewwwiiitt..sure suka!
itew baju manyak sexy looorrr..

nzh1979 said...

tu dia...cayang nye hubby diana yek..
ehehe..sapa tarak suka...sure la suka kan....tambah2 bila husband suka..ahaks