Thursday, May 22, 2014

Let It Go with Whisper ;-)

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Event: Nuffnang Whisper Campaign
Veneu : MYoga Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas
Date & Time:  17th May 2014 - Saturday - 12.30pm-1.00pm

Last Satuday .. for the first time I attend Nuffnang Campaign event ... actually Facebook friend and also blogger Siti Suhaida ajak join sekali datang event nie ... surprised me ... hari tue  tengah period on my 3rd day .. well I’m quite nervous actually ..  risau sgt2 time tengah2 Yoga session tue ada incident leaking happen ker kan ... wooohooooo ....kes naya nanti ;-P

Yoga During Menstruation ??? No Problem .. Let it Go with Whisper ;-) 

So after register .. terus naik tukar to baju yg sesuai dgn Yoga session tue .. I decide to sit at first row .. so dpt feel sendiri first time Yoga during period .. normally kalau time Period tu mmg larik jauh2 dari aktiviti gym, workout semua nie .. waaaaa sgt2 tak selesa nak buat semua tue .. I hate it so much ... so after this takder alasan lagi ..Whisper Ultra and Cottony Clean will wash away all difficulties and problems macam tak selesa, masalah leaking, heavy flow and the best part is ... ianya stay, kekal selesa .. especially for me yg berpeha besar nie .. it’s really difficult to finr suitable pad that really suit me ... macam sesetengah pad yg suka berubah2 gerak bila kita buat heavy and active activity tue .... trust me ... I fall in love with this pad already .. will stick and loyal to this brand only ;-)  

Tips: Do Yoga@Exercise at least 3 times a week ;-)

After the Yoga Session ended .. I feel more energized ... more confident and pretty like the MYoga Instructor mention previously ...I  smile all the way ;-) .. rasanya after this memang kena selalu buat sendiri personal Yoga session at home .. Thanks for the tips from MYoga .. she said that our body need to workout and exercise at least 3 times a  week ...  Yoga really helps for fitness and make you look more younger.. cool right .. one more thing With Whisper Ultra and  Whisper Cottony Cool that protect me .. I can do any heavy and active activities as normal day yeayyyyy ???? ;-) .. not to forget .. thanks Whisper .. I really love the goodies bag ... Stock for one year .. tak payah pening beli brand lain ;-)
Stok setahun yeayyyyy .. stick & loyal to Whisper ..Love it to the Max  ;-)

Group Photo .. Everybody Feeling More Pretty Riteee ;-) 

I'm really excited .. I met Iza  the famous and gorgeous blogger and Siti Suhaida  blogger that also pretty during this event .. Both of them are so pretty .... nice meeting both of  them  ;-)

Dear Beautiful Ladies Feel It & Try It .. Get your Whisper Ultra or Whisper Cottony Clean ;-) 

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