Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cloth Diaper

biggrin I'm planning to use tcloth diaper for Adam ... still discuss dgn hubby lagie about this .. i want to share this info with other mommies2 .. ada few my frens dah guna this cloth diaper ..cuba tgk gmbr kt bawah tue (picture oleh : mama Irfan) ... mak ai ... berderet tue .. jelessss sgt2 mrgreen

Why Use Cloth Diaper ????? (Info from )
Cloth diapering today is not what it used to be. When many parents think of cloth diapers they think of flat diapers that need to be folded and fastened with diaper pins and then covered with plastic pull on covers. Generally they also think that the clean-up involved with using cloth diapers would be tedious and messy. It seems as though many parents have missed the total evolution of the cloth diaper that has occurred over the past decade or so. New choices in materials and high tech fabrics are causing an increasing number of parents to reconsider whether disposable diapers are the best choice. We have options now that provide us with cloth diapers that are elasticized so that they are fitted and snug, waterproof in many instances, breathable, and manageable with velcro-like closures or snaps.

They are just as easy and as convenient to use as disposables. Of course, it is not just their functionality and convenience that has been affected by this evolution either. Cloth diapers available today are absolutely adorable, available in a variety gorgeous colors, prints, and luxurious textures and fabric. That is a big selling point for many parents because there is nothing cute about a disposable diaper. Quite simply, cloth diapers are convenient, cost effective, healthier for our children, and better for the environment. I feel as though the real question parents should be asking themselves is why use disposables?

- Cloth Diapers Are Cheaper Than Disposable Diapers
- Cloth Diapers Are Healthier For Your Baby
- Cloth Diaper Are Better for Environment
- Cloth Diaper Are Every Bit Az Convenient As Disposable Diapers

biggrin experience member2 CD nie mmg amat2 menjimatkan dgn bajet pembelian drypers utk baby kita untuk sebulan tue ... cuma kena rajin & kuar bajet sket masa mula2 beli tue .. so kita sesaper mommies2 yg dah ada pengalaman about CD nie .. jom kongsi bersama2 .boleh dijadikan panduan kita bersama .. jom baca sedikit info from my fren yg mmg jual cloth diaper nie :

Why Cloth Diaper?
- isu kesihatan
– (kesuburan, athma)

- dioxin dalam diapers ialah bhn kimia penyebab kanser
- isu alam sekitar – (27.4 billion samapai every year) - isu kos (ini kita semua tak sedar, spend puluh2, padahal, end up beribu2)

Terdapat 3 jenis Cloth Diaper(CD) yang dijual :-

Drybees Pocket Diaper

a. Best seller.. diaper yang berpoket
b. Mommy bleh pilih insert ikut kesesuaian anak
c. Cepat kering sbb nipis
d. Senang cuci coz it comes apart, tak di jahit dgn insert

Drybees Hybrid All In One (AIO) Diaper
a. Insert di jahit dengan pocket diaper (no insert needed)
b. Sesuai utk caregiver, daddy, working mom yg tanak pening2 bab insert, sesuai utk travel juga
c. Senang digunakan
d. Juga terdapat poket, just in case nak tambah insert

Drybees Fleece Pocket Diaper
a. Sesuai utk kegunaan malam terutama heavy wetter
b. Agak bulky bila dipakai, tp no leaking, berkesan

Insert? Apa itu insert?
Insert adalah ”stuff” yang kita nak masukkan dalam pocket diaper. Dalam stock saya ada 3 pilihan: -

Wahmies One Size Microfiber
~ Boleh lipat2 ikut suka kita (tebal mana yang kita nak)

Wahmies Hemp Fold to Fit
~ Sesuai utk penggunaan malam, banyak menyimpan air. Utk baby yg heavy wetter, sangat lah sesuai
~ Hemp dibuat dari tumbuhan so ader minyak semulajadi, utk penyerapan maksimum, perlu dibasuh 5 – 6 kali. Rebus pun boleh.
~ Antibakteria
~ Lambat kering

Drybees Medium Large Microfiber
~ Insert ini sesuai utk siang & malam
~ Sesuai utk pocket diaper size M & L.,

cara pemakaian cloth diaper

Further details contact :

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